Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Selections from Samuel Johnson’s Dictionary: “D”

Edited by Dan Leo, LL.D., Associate Professor of Lost Languages, Assistant Blackjack Coach, Olney Community College; author of Bozzie and Dr. Sam: The Case of the Hanged Hangman (the Olney Community College Press).

Illustrated by rhoda penmarq. A penmarq productions™ production.

“One may rest well assured that the phrase ‘a penmarq production™’is the hallmark of quality.” – Horace P. Sternwall, author and motivational speaker, host of The Horace P. Sternwall Showcase Theatre, Tuesdays at 9pm EST, exclusively on the Dumont Television Network. 

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Dab. A small lump of any thing.

Dabbler. One that meddles without mastery; one that never goes to the bottom of an affair; a superficial meddler.

Daddy. The child's way of expressing father.

“I was never so bethumpt with words,
Since first I call'd my brother's father dad.” – Shakespeare. King John.


The name of a bird.

“I will wear my heart upon my sleeve,

For daws to pick it.” – Shakespeare. Othello.

Death. The extinction of life; the departure of the soul from the body.

“Death, a necessary end, will come when it will come.” Shakespeare. Julius Caesar.

Debacchation. A raging; a madness.

Debarb. To deprive of his beard.

Debullition. A bubbling or seething over.

Decacuminated. Having the top cut off.

Demonocracy. The power of the devil.

Depauperate. To make poor; to impoverish; to consume.

Dingle. A hollow between hills; a dale.

“I know each lane, and every alley green,

Dingle or bushy dell of this wild wood;

And every bosky bourn from side to side,

My daily walks and ancient neighbourhood.” – Milton.

Drum. An instrument of military musick, consisting of vellum strained over a broad hoop on each side, and beaten with sticks.

“Let's march without the noise of threat'ning drums.” – Shakespeare.

Dubitation. The act of doubting; doubt.

“Many of the ancients denied the antipodes; but the experience of our enlarged navigation can now assert them beyond all dubitation.” Brown's Vulgar Errours.

Dyspepsy. A difficulty of digestion, or bad fermentation in the stomach or guts.

Dysury. A difficulty in making urine.

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