Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Selections from Samuel Johnson’s Dictionary: “G”

Edited by Dan Leo, LL.D., Associate Professor of 18th Century Epistemological Studies, Assistant Volleyball Coach, Olney Community College; author of Bozzie and Dr. Sam: Who Filched Mrs. Piozzi’s Cask of Sack? (the Olney Community College Press).

Illustrated by rhoda penmarq (colors by eddie el greco; inking by roy dismas) for “sacred cow productions, ltd”.

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Gabbler A prater; a chattering fellow.

Gadfly. A fly that when he stings the cattle make them gad or run madly about.

Gaggle. To make noise like a goose.

Gallows. A beam laid over two posts, on which malefactors are hanged.

Gang. A number herding together; a troop; a company; a tribe; a herd. It is seldom used but in contempt or abhorrence.

Oh, you panderly rascals! there's a knot, a gang, a pack, a conspiracy against me. Shakes. Merry Wives of Windsor.

Gewgaw. A showy trifle; a toy; a bauble; a splendid plaything.


1. The soul of man.

2. A spirit appearing after death.

3. To give up the Ghost. To die; to yield up the spirit into the hands of God.

4. The third person in the adorable Trinity, called the Holy Ghost.

Gibcat. An old worn-out cat.

I am as melancholy as a gibcat, or a lugg’d bear. Shaksp.

Gibe. Sneer; hint of contempt by word or look; scoff; act or expression of scorn; taunt.

        Mark the fleers, the gibes, and notable scorns

That dwell in ev'ry region of his face. Shakesp. Othello.

Gipsy. A vagabond who pretends to foretell futurity, commonly by palmestry or physiognomy.

Glory. The felicity of heaven prepared for those that please God.

Gonorrhoea. A morbid running of venereal hurts.

Goose. A large waterfowl proverbially noted, I know not why, for foolishness.

Gormandizer. A voracious eater.

Grammaticaster. A mean verbal pedant; a low grammarian.

Gynecocrasay. Petticoat government; female power.

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