Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Selections from Samuel Johnson’s Dictionary: “J”

Edited by Dan Leo,Horace P. Sternwall Professor of Theology, Canasta Club Coach, Olney Community College; author of Bozzie and Dr. Sam: The Case of the Jocular Jackanapes; the Olney Community College Press.

Illustrations by rhoda penmarq; inks by roy dismas; lettering by eddie el greco; a penmarq studios™/sheldon leonard productions™  co-production.

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to Jabber.  To talk idly; to prate without thinking; to chatter.

We scorn, for want of talk, to jabber
Of parties.


Jack Pudding. A zani; a merry Andrew.

A buffoon is called by every nation by the the name of the dish they like best: in French jean pottage, and in English jack pudding. Guardian.


Jackal. A small animal supposed to start prey for the lyon.

The mighty lyon, before whom stood the little jackal, the faithful spy of the king of beasts. Arbuth. and Pope's M. Scrib.


Jackalent. A simple sheepish fellow.

You little jackalent, have you been true to us?  Shakesp. Merry Wives of Windsor.


Jackanapes. A coxcomb; an impertinent.

People wondered how such a young upstart jackanapes should grow so pert and saucy, and take so much upon him. Arbuth.


Jackdaw. A cock daw; a bird taught to imitate the human voice.

To impose on a child to get by heart a long scroll of phrases, without any ideas, is a practice fitter for a jackdaw than for any thing that wears the shape of man. Watts.


Jacob’s Staff. A staff concealing a dagger.


Jactitation. Tossing; motion; restlessness; heaving.

If the patient be surprised with jactitation, or great oppression about the stomach, expect no relief from cordials. Harv.


Jaculation. The act of throwing missive weapons.

So hills amid' the air encounter'd hills, Hurl'd to and fro with jaculation dire. Milt. Parad. Lost.


Jade. A young woman: in irony and slight contempt

. You see now and then some handsome young jades among them: the sluts have very often white teeth and black eyes. Add.


Jadish. Unchaste; incontinent.

'Tis to no boot to be jealous of a woman; for if the humour takes her to be jadish, not all the locks and spies in nature can keep her honest. L'Estrange.


Jailbird. One who has been in jail.


Jakes. A house of office.

Some have fished the very jakes for papers left there by men of wit. Swift.


Jay. A bird.

I am highly delighted to see the jay or the thrush hopping about my walks. Spectator.


Jealousy. Suspicion in love.

But gnawing jealousy, out of their sight
Sitting alone, his bitter lips did bite.
Fairy Queen.


Joker. A jester; a merry fellow.

Thou mad'st thy first appearance in the world like a dry joker, buffoon, or jack-pudding. Dennis.


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